Data security, Privacy and PCI

We take the security of your data very seriously and place the highest priority on ensuring that all our obligations are met.  We recognise that the data you are working with is highly confidential, and our procedures reflect the high expectations you will have of our security arrangements.

When you decide that Smarteezie is the right software for managing your phone calls, our licence agreement will lay out in more detail how we will work with you to ensure that the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) are always adhered to.  In summary: Smarteezie will act as a data processor, and your organisation will remain the data controller, and we will only process data about your contacts in accordance with your explicit instructions.  We never share data with other organisations unless required to by law or if you give us explicit instructions to do so.

Our data security policy is available on request. Smarteezie software can be configured to either run on your own network, so that the data is held on servers that you control, or alternatively we offer a hosted option where your data is held on our servers (these are within the UK on physical dedicated servers - your data will not be transferred to any other country and is protected by stringent security)

If you need to process Credit Card transactions, Smarteezie offers a number of options to collect card details in a PCI-compliant manner, so that you can choose the setup which works best with your policies and procedures.

Your individual data

If you are a member of staff at an organisation which is a current or lapsed customer or potential future customer of Smarteezie, and you have given us your contact details, then this limited data about you as an individual will also come under the remit of the GDPR legislation. Our holding your contact details would never mean being bombarded with spam - that's not our style.  Our communication will tend to be 1:1 and personal rather than mass mailings, only using your data in ways you would reasonably expect and in ways that you would not find intrusive.  We hope you will agree that this is in your interests as well as in our legitimate interests. However, if you have any concerns or want to tell us not to contact you again, please use the "contact us" link below to get in touch.