be part of something smart

be part of something smart

When you are calling thousands of people, and you need a smart, innovative but easy to operate management tool, you need Smarteezie software.

  • Telephone fundraising
  • Outcomes surveying
  • Student recruitment

Packed full of functionality to make your work easier and more effective, our software is the most powerful on the market, including features like dynamic sophisticated call allocation.  Smarteezie can empower you to continually refine your calling, taking knowledge and analysis from one campaign to apply to the next.

smarter telethon fundraising

Raising money by telephone with Smarteezie

SmartEezie - telephone fundraising management software

smarter surveying

Collecting Destinations Outcomes survey data by phone with SmartOutcomes

SmartOutcomes - telephone survey management software

smarter student recruitment

Recruiting and registering students by phone with Eezierecruit - Image designed by

Eezierecruit - student recruitment phonecall management software