Smarteezie DLHE software allows you to be in complete control of your calling without needing any additional involvement if you pride yourself on your independence.  As a Smarteezie DLHE customer, you can rely on us being available for phone or email support 24/7 at no extra charge - although we do ask for notice when you are calling so that we can have support in place during unsocial hours.  An online manual integrated into Smarteezie DLHE answers most questions you may have, and if that fails then our support hotline will help you with whatever you need.

However, we also understand that you might like a even more help and support.  Our add-on services are available to provide you with as much back-office support as you wish - for example: preparing and uploading the data, assistance with day-to-day administration or in-depth analysis of your results.  Please get in touch for more information about how we can support you to manage your DLHE calling in the way that works for you.

collecting survey data by telephone with SmartOutcomes